Lively Spine Corrector
Meredith Rogers
Class 2186

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Perfect class. Thank you Meredith.
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Great class. Lengthening and strengthening.
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This was a great class. Loved the flow! And as always I love your cueing. Thanks!
Thanks so much ladies. I love to hear your feedback!
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Lovely, lovely routine ??
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Meredith, you made this look too easy! Especially the Swan work towards the end! I am not there, yet, but made modifications, and got a great chest opener and ab stretch. Definitely worth a repeat!
Good to hear, Kim...I believe one should always modify to suit!
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Thanks a lot Meredith seeing you during your work teach me a lot!!! Big kiss !!!
Thank you, beautiful Ilaria! I miss you!! Sending you love!!!
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I really enjoy your classes! Intelligent humor and great cueing. Thank you.
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