Reformer Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2246

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Loved it! Hard for a level 2! Awesome
Always a fabulous workout with you, pilates or booty barre.
Just what I needed. Thank you
Loved the side kick kneeling series and the arabesque, thigh stretch. Fun workout, thanks!
Excellent, refreshing combination of really hard exercises! Lots of core throughout - loved it. Thank you!!
My students will love me after this work out! Thanks to you, Tracey!!
Fantastic class and great variations:) Exactly why I love Pilates Anytime as get great new ideas!
I love this class, but it definitely seems AT LEAST a level 2/3, if not a level 3. I had to remind myself not to take it when I'm tired or particularly sore so that I can actually finish.
Susan ~ Thank you for your forum post. Tracey's classes are usually pretty intense which can make them very challenging. The difficulty of the exercises would be safe for an intermediate student so we have decided to keep it at a level 2. We are glad you enjoyed it!
Loved the consistent use of the red spring throughout most of the class except for close to the end. Makes transitions so smooth and really enjoy the nice tempo to keep us moving throughout. Thanks.
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