Fascia-Focused Pilates
Elizabeth L. & Tom M.
Workshop 2258

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While it is true that the research points to cyclic, repetitive movement over a cycle of about 1 second is necessary to build increased elasticity into collagenous tissues (fascia, tensions, the like), I have to say my experience of aikido, judo, and jiu jitsu suggests that they do build elasticity. I totally agree with Elizabeth: all the practices named have great value, but building elastic recoil is not in the domain of Feldenkrais, Alexander, or most yoga. My guess is that the repetitive process of ten kan and similar moves, plus the 'bounce’ involved in landing, do build elasticity into the tissues. The wrist locks and other ‘joint forcing’ that exists in these arts will tend to build ligament strength, but not, I think, elasticity.
Just last night, I watched and trained with a 70 year old man with only one fully functioning hip joint and a less than perfect AC joint on the opposite side of the bad hip (he has had so many injuries from combination of Archery, Aikido, Basketball, Surfing, Karate, Judo, and hours of work as a master watch maker and luthier and painter) direct himself so masterfully and with extreme subtly and without any notion of self righteousness. He spoke and demonstrated 'rebound' as firstly arising in his mind. It has to. He is too weak after a triple bypass last year. For Aikido to 'work' as a self preservation art beyond size, strength or outward physical perfections that a person may or may not have been born with, it becomes a mental practice that happens to simultaneously live in the physical sphere.
.....From my small about of experience it has become clear as a first principle that the little but huge space between thought and action is where the wellspring for rebound, elasticity and and strength in action lie, otherwise we would have to look at separate muscles until the cows came home I feel that this is the rich space from which Elizabeth has embodied your work.
Thank you so much Elizabeth and Tom for this workshop. I am currently in training of the Anatomy Trains FRSB with James Earles in London and this workshop has really helped me to put a lot of the knowledge I have gathered so far into pilates practice! I really appreicate that you have created this bridge of understanding between pilates and what Anatomy Trains represent! Are you planning on doing more workshops like this?
To the administrator: Hello, I just completed this wonderful workshop and I would like to take the test but the chapters show only as 99% complete instead of 100% so the system does not let me to continue. Could you please help me? Many thanks
Tereza ~ I have given you access to the quiz, and you should be able to take it now. I hope you enjoyed the workshop!
Thank You Tereza! Collaborations with Tom are always inspiring. I hope we teach together in the future.You can study with Tom in Maine this summer. You and I may meet in London at Pilates on Tour(April), Body Control Development Weekend (September) or at British Fascia Symposium. Lucky you to study with James Earls!
Dear Elizabeth, I will unfortunately miss the April Pilates on Tour to my great regret but I will watch out for the other two. I would love to meet you and do a workshop with you. You are a great inspiration to me! Thank you for all your videos that have enriched my practice! Yes! James is fantastic! I cannot wait for the Fans of the Hip in May :)
Thank you very much Julie!
Great workshop, thank you. How do you modify arm jumps for those who can't sit in a Z sit? The short box puts you at a funny angle.
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