Reformer Workout
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2260

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Happy birthday to you Kristi, love and many fhanks for providing PA for us.
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Very good. love the idea of having a stream of progression classes also like doing a mix of work on and off the reformer. Never done one of your classes and really liked your style and the content. Thanks!
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Just fantastic, my only criticism is when I feel this good at the end of the class that it was only 45minutes long! Really enjoyed the chest opening section with the pole and I think I can see where that is going!
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Another great class. Particularly loved the elbow press into the box on the back extension/climb a tree exercises. Thanks!
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Love this! Thank you.
Ever learning.
Thanks everyone! I am so stoked to hear all the positive feedback, and can't wait for you try the follow-up class to this one. Until it goes live, master these skills and hit me back with any questions you might have.

@ Jon - thanks mate. I'd say getting the job done in 45 minutes gives you more time to pass the good feeling on to others ;)
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Benjamin, this class is like Christmas morning. It's full of gifts! Thank you for your insightful and encouraging cues. I have a hate/hate relationship with stomach massage. My body does not seem to appreciate its benefits so I tend to shy away from it. It's just not pretty. The students in your class make it look so easy! Thank you for bringing it back for me and reminding me of it's importance and place in the method. One day, I will be able to perform it with grace and not grimace! Once I master this class, I look forward to the other classes in this series!
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This is so helpful. I love seeing a break down of some of the classical exercises. Thank you for making classical Pilates more inviting!
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i learned so much from this video. thank you!
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Great cueing, focus on length Thank You Benjamin. Great to have you here/in my studio after a lesson you in New York last Spring.
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