Reformer Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2271

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I loved the pacing and the "short" program.
You're always so creative and succinct with your cueing. Thank you Lisa!!
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Lauretta great to hear from you and that you enjoyed the program. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I hope you're well!
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Beautiful work as usual! Would love to see more reformer work from lisa!
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I loved this workout. My arms, back everything feels fabulous in a very short time! Thank you Lisa!
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Natalia & Bobbie, This class felt so true to my inner & physical being! All of the above in a short amount of time; that's pretty much my motto lately! Get it all in so I can do the rest of life, too
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Lovely class, beautiful movements Lisa
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Those pants are killer Lisa! And so is your workout. =)
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I love this workout Lisa. Thanks so much.
It is such a pleasure to get the opportunity to hear from each of you, so thank you for your awesome comments and I hope you keep coming back!
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First time that I didn't enjoy a class on Pilates anytime.
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