Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2274

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Clemencia Puerta thank you for sharing with me and taking my class! I truly appreciate you being open to try something new in Pilates & Yoga and hope that you try the second class of this, as this one is the Breakdown Class. Namaste 
Yesss Lisa!!... I will do it soon, without any doubt;)... in fact I already did your Unwinding Mat Class and I just love it.
You know, the way in which you shows the BASI´s repertoires, surprisingly mixed with very intelligent variations is super useful for me, as a BASI´s Instructor in formation (Legacy Candidate,,, jejeje)... 
So, thanks a lot, I hope to see you in California´s BASI´s HDQ some day!
Clemencia Puerta Rael has been a gift to me! Thank you for your wonderful comments and best wishes to you and the with Legacy Program! Very honored and hope to meet one day! Xx
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