Mat Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 2281

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Hi Rael, that was a really beautiful class. It allowed me to step out of my thoughts and instead, be able to concentrate on breathing, movement and shape. Thank you.
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Omg....these r the kind of classes that makes you wanna sign up for Pilates training right away...Pilates at its beautiful best!
I love your classes. You have to come to Zaragoza , Spain !!! thank you!!!!!!
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Super super super thank you ...
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Really enjoyable - just loved the simplicity and intensity. Such a great class to return to time and again and in particular to revisit when out of shape. Thank you!
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"Calming the body, calming the mind, calming the spirit" - exactly what it did. Thank you, Rael.
Amazing class- great to focus on deepening the fundamentals I was exhausted and exhilarated! Thank you!
Rael, you are the best!
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Thank you all for your wonderful comments, I love them! They reiterate all that I hope to achieve in a mat class. Mat is such an exquisite way of focusing on the powerful mind-body connection, and nothing makes us feel quite as good.
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