All About the Circle<br>MeJo Wiggin<br>Class 2290

All About the Circle
MeJo Wiggin
Class 2290

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Wowzers! loved it - so did abs which are now screaming at me!!
Brenda B
Interesting use of the magic circle! Thanks MeJo, for the class, and joining in at the end.
Loved the flow and the dynamic of the class!
Thank you thank you.,...especially love the perfect flow - not a second wasted. Thank you Mejo & PA
Lorie H
Enjoyed the variations w the circle. Felt the difference. Thank you.
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What a wonderful mat work!!! Thank you so much for so many interesting variations, love it!!!
New ways to use the circle - LOVED it!
Great workout ladies... Niedra I missed you at the end xx
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Pure evil genius!! Loved it! Thank you!
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