Creative Tower Exploration
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 2338

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Thanks everyone! I'm so glad you like the different angles we're trying and that you seem to enjoy working out with Meri and I as much as we do with each other. See you next time!
Thank you so much to you ALL! That class was so fun to teach.
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Love this class! Thanks to both of you!
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I'm always looking to challenge my male clients and this one was perfect! Thank you Kristie and Meredith!
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This is an excellent class!! I found it so interesting to get the perspective of two instructors. Great job ladies!

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Cathy you might enjoy some "Girl Time" with Meredith and me.

Girl Time
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I really enjoyed this class! It's so much fun taking a class with Kristi and Meredith :) Thank you!
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I loved this. My body feels great after this class.
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Love it!
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