Reformer Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 2363

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Beautiful class!! Your guests were wonderful! Thank you:)
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Great class, Meredith, thank you- so helpful to see different types of clients doing same exercises to understand the range of motion and optimal alignment that is different for every body
Katie..all of the mat work that is done with the strap in the beginning of class can easily be done without. The strap simply acts to provide additional stabilization.

Thanks to you all for your feedback and for taking class with me. I love hearing from you!
I loved the class and the instruction my only thought is if this is really a level 2/3 class. I would consider it a level 2 tops.
Thank you for your insight, Susan...and for taking class with me!
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This is a great class but I would not label it a 2/3 or deliberate pace.
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Sorry. I guess it is deliberate. My bad but maybe list as a 1/2?
Thanks for your input Kristen!!
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