Mat Workout
Michael King
Class 2420

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whats the music called michael
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Thank you for all the great comments, the music is called Rain in Hong Kong which you can get from my web site At the moment there is Hard Copy only but let me ask the web site guy to add a download option
excellent class as usual! thanks Michael
i like this class it's so different very interesting! thanks and what about the music please Michael?
Love the flow of this class. It's really fun to try something so different and special.
Amazing instructor and class!
Hi everyone the music is now available for download on my web site shop
Oh Michael this was fantastic. I love your teaching style. The absolute best. You really "push"" and "lengthen" the body. Hope you are planning on more!
Great class!! love it*^^*
Excellent class, thank you Michael King. I found the class exciting and Michael's teaching style of building one move onto the previous one in a fluid manner made difficult moves fun. He has a sweet sense of humor and keeps the class smiley and light.
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