Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 2434

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Kathleen, thank you for your compliment on my rolling! I be careful of not using my quads and keeping a ball shape.
Irina, thank you thank you thank you! Please make use of my tweaks in your practice:)
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I am a dental hygienist and my back suffers for it, this felt amazing! Thank you!!!!
Hi Jen, I have some clients that are dental hygienist, and they need this too! I see tightness in the anterior tibialis from because they use the steps to bring the seat up, etc.
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I also like this class, Nagi-san!
My stiff thoracic spine is very happy now:)
Thank you very much!
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I really enjoyed this lovely focus on the thoracic spine. Thank you!
Mitsuko-san, thank you!
I'm happy you like it:)
Clare, you are very welcome:)
Hope you enjoy my other classes too!
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Uplifting and precise. Nice class. Thank you,
Thank you Brenda!
I love the word "uplifting", you made my day:)
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