Reformer Workout
Sara Colquhoun
Class 2442

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great class!! This was really creative and fun. Sara has beautiful cueing and flow. I'm excited for more classes from her :) great job!
Great workout! Excellent explanation of each movement with a great flow of exercises. Thank you Sara.
Really nice class Sara!
AMAZING class! Every exercise is clearly explained. Really like the incorporation of sling movements!
I really liked the challenges presented in this class, I just wish cuing was a little more drawn out/slower because I couldn't get set up as fast as you do- you are quick!! I am a slow poke. Haha.
Thanks Sara. Great class! Creative and fun choreography with the jump board and exercise variations. Fantastic ideas!
This was great overall- but really loved the mermaid with rotation and extension to the back of the reformer. Great variation! Thank you Sara
Wonderful class, ideas, cues and flow....lthanks so much Sara!
I really like Sara's class! Very well presented, nice and simple cues! Great work out! I cannot wait to see more classes from her!??
I love this class!
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