Horatio Moves!
Jenna Zaffino
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Heikki, I completely agree with you. I agree with all of you in fact and hope those who say they want to share it with there family will follow through. I have shared Jenna's teaching with family and friends (all 40+ years older than those represented in the video) and believe they received the important message about movement she conveys, just the same. Thank you Jenna!
Wonderfull idea!!!!! Lovely babies, lovely dog!!! Brava Jenna!!!!!!
It is a real nice work for kids - very inspiring for my kids health work in Paris. Thank you!
This was such a fun class...th ending made me laugh heartily!thanks!
My son(3 years old) love this class, to do it together with me:)
Cute concept!
How awesome! To be able to share your own story as well as Horatio with the class, what a great way to teach movement to children!
mi kids love it!!!
I love it! Thank you for the inspiration.
My kids love this and I love that it inspires them to exercise. I wish there were more like this to share with them.
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