Standing Workout
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 2455

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I love this! Thanks for the standing workout - more, please! Plus you two are great together!
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You two are so good together! Besides your entertaining banter between each other , it's so informative to hear you talk to each other about what you're doing.
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After an extended holiday vacation, today is my 'New Year'. Thanks for the perfect class.
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I love this standing Pilates workout! It worked my total body! I'm in my second trimester and every exercise makes me feel lengthened and strong. The side leg move towards the end really worked my obliques. Thank you, Kristi and Meredith!!
Overall a good workout but at times I found it hard to follow.
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Again Girlspower!! Thank you ladies!! More please! ;)
What great comments everyone!! Thanks to you, Kristi, for the butt kicker. xo
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What a beautiful video girls, thank you very much!!
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Perfect pre work workout!
All great to hear! Thank you for sharing your feedback!
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