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Thank-you Cara

This has been really helpful. Some great ideas to take my business, Pilates practitioners and clients to the next level.
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What a great and inspiring discussion. Cara you are wonderful person. Thank you for all advice. I'm sure many of us will take this discussion into our life's and hearts. I'm fresh Pilates teacher but I'm in fitness industry for 6 years teaching group classes. Can't wait to work with clients one to one and help them and guide them how to correct their postures. Talking about mentors... I think you are one of them to me.... Thank you so much.
How do you regain control of your class when you get those students who come for girl time, and want to come into class and chit chat and gossip, and then start interrupting the flow of the class, especially if there's another student in class that's fairly new & needs more instruction. I hate to be the mean teacher, but at times I've have to pull them aside after class and remind them that they have to be quiet during the instruction, because they then don't listen to what I've asked and are lost & are asking again what springs are we using, or what are we doing. It is kind of embarrassing to me in front of the new student because it appears I don't have control of my own class, but at the same time I don't want to lose my dedicated clients because I've had to tell them several times to be quiet. I've even had to separate them. But how would you handle this situation?
Cara, how can I find mentors that would be willing to take me to the next level in becoming a PMA workshop or conference instructor. I wish it could be you! You are inspiring and I love all the great advice you give.
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Patricia, First question, I think it is a matter of setting the tone of the class. I often suggest that everyone take the time to go inside and block out the rest. But some folks can't help themselves and a gentle reminder in a light hearted way can be helpful. Second: You are sweet, and I am glad you feel inspired. Before PMA you want to begin to offer small venue courses exploring your expertise. Mentors are about connections. If you find teachers you want to work with then follow that inspiration. Finding your interest and going deep is a good start.
Thank you Cara, I will continue to remind the students to be mindful of others in class. I am a PMA CPT so what is the first step to finding out how I can begin to offer small courses? God willing, I plan to open a studio in the near future so running PMA courses out of my studio would be something I would love to do.
Cara - good stuff! Ron and Kathy are smiling down - and thankful that they don't have to answer these questions ;)
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Kyria, Than you for watching. Indeed the heath of it all is in our hands now. They did their part. I really appreciate you!
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Wonderful and sincere approach to all the different aspects of the Pilates business. Thank you Cara I hope to see you in Arizona in October!
Excellent advice RE discounting. It's a slippery slope. Cara instead suggests offering "an awesome product that changes people's lives." Well said. A truly awesome product/service needs no discounting as its value to the client is readily apparent.

If you're confident in the awesomeness of what you're selling but are still tempted to offer too many discounts, perhaps the answer is instead to put more time and money into marketing? I'd rather put an extra $1000 into my marketing for the coming year than offer up $1000 in discounts. You're gambling with the former $1000 yes, as you have to put it up front, but there are many risks with discounting as well.

- Oliver @ Tone Pilates in Vancouver
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