Reformer/Tower Workout
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2506

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Cynthia, thank you for your comment. I think we can make this work for you without sending you flying through the tower goalposts When developing this material I came close to that. Use the lightest springs you have on your reformer and tower. Use caribiners to lengthen the yellow tower springs. Attach the tower springs lower on the uprights, rather than at the top of the tower. Stand next to the carriage wearing non-skid socks. Place the sling around your middle ribs. Slide the carriage forward with your hands and carefully climb aboard. You'll be safely on your way Please let me know if this is helpful.
Thank Elisabeth, you are simply fabulous for your teaching and for your unique capacity to combine your knowledge with aware movement.
Silvia, your appreciation means the world to me, as you thoroughly explore and master all aspects of Pilates and movement arts. I hope to be with you in December in Venice for Pilates on Tour.
Cynthia, this time I'll answer your actual question. Apologies that I gave suggestions for the second exercise. To get started for open-chain jumping, put the foot bar on the highest setting. Stand next to the carriage holding one purple spring with attached loop. Sit on the carriage and put the loop around your thigh above your knee. Lie on the carriage. Push off the foot bar with one or both feet so that you can reach the other purple spring loop. Place that loop around your other knee. Push into the loops with your thighs in order to move the carriage to the tower so you can reach the handles attached to the long yellow springs. You are on your way!
Great Class! Thank you Elizabeth! You are still Queen of the Unitard!!!
Thank you T P ! Please check out my Pilates Anytime 2017 classes posting in February/ March for new moves, new cues and Zoya's new unitard designs
I really enjoyed this class Elizabeth! I loved the way my spine feels when it gets to enjoy moving in all planes and directions. I have been playing a lot with the reformer tower combinations both to challenge and assist my clients in achieving more!
Loved this. Please do more of these reformer/tower combos using springs from both rather than independently using both the reformer and tower. Thank you!
Lori, so glad you like this use of the reformer tower. I plan more related sequences featuring Biotensegrity in 2018. You live in my hometown. Love Austin
Awesome workout Elizabeth!! I did it, and loved the demand it put on my core. I feel ready for my day!!💖
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