Mat Workout
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2508

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so creative!
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This was such a creative class and so effective in accessing cross fascial sling systems.So interesting, especially recruiting the opposite tongue in cheek to offset imbalance.) Thank you Elizabeth for you calm and clear cues and thank to PA for bringing us such wonderful teachers and classes!
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So different, truely wonderful, so many different challenges.
One of my classes asked for the return of the rollers last week!...Mmmm they may have wished they'd kept quite by the end of the class this week??
Elizabeth- I am still learning from you after all these years. Always a pleasure to take your class. Be well, Pamela
Its always a pleasure Elizabeth and I'm loving your full body leotards! Also do you teach a class using 2 foam rollers at the same time?
Elizabeth, as you often say, this was a fascial festival. And yes, I think you have done justice to all those wonderful foot positions. Loving your creativity. Your unitard has great energy in its colour, very uplifting.
Thank you Elizabeth.
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This was really challenging! I loved it.
the was a great workout. Very creative. Thank you for the correctional cues
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