Balance in the Pelvis
Tom McCook
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Thank you Tom, I really loved this class!
Amazing class Tom. Recently, I noticed that my hips are much tighter than they used to be. This class helped me to feel freedom in my lower back and more movement in my hips. My clients also loved this class. Thank you.
love this work!

Tom - Here's a fun question for you - Would this sort of work be appropriate for a client with a S Curve approx 30-40 degrees (She doesn't actually remember from last dr app), rod in back from childhood, whose ilium keeps rotating, even after fixed from PT, and is having pubic symphysis pain postpartum? The rotated ilium is what worries me

Thank you!
Hi Lauren,
It's always a bit tricky to give advise for someone who has complications and your not able to see them in person. With that said, these movements could be very helpful for your client. I would recommend having her move slowly and smoothly and minimize the range for any of the movements that are difficult for her to feel her alignment and not strain. All the best to you.
A fab.follow- up to some of the work i did with Mari-José Bloom.
Kristy Mckinney
Wow wonderful pelvic balancing video! I suffer from chronic SI dysfunction and piriformis syndrome caring daily for my handicapped son ie)bathing and diapering and managing wheelchair. This video is wonderful for me.
Also, I have used several elements as a Pilates professional for clients and they have had remarkable results! I have got to find one of your pilates workshops
Hi There,
what could you use for the balls instead of the franklin balls? ... also sitz bones are easy to find on a smaller body, however the balls and the bones disappear on bigger bodies, so what would you recommend (in terms or using balls and in finding the bones)
Hi Kimberly,
For larger clietele, just have them put the balls directly behind there pubic bone about 4" apart. You just want to make sure that they're not too high on the lower back and not too low making it hard to use the balls as a fulcrum for the pelvic, lumbar motion. You can use any 4" ball for these exercises and also play with a gerdie ball or triad ball. Consider, you're trying to give the body feedback and offer more range of motion and a slight balance challenge. All the best and thank you Pilates Anytime!
Thank you also for your message, I'm happy to hear this was useful for you!
Love, love, love toms classes. Wonderfully explained stretches, piriformis syndrome and tight hip flexor cause problems for a lot of people.This is a fantastic release prior to class
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