Energizing Cadillac
Meredith Rogers
Class 2660

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I was waiting for this for soo long. This will be my motivation for today untill I come home to practice . Thank you Meredith.
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Great class! You always make it look so easy and effortless when we all know it's not!
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Thanks for another great class??. I love your classes, always very thoughtful movements.
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Ignore the question marks above??
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I really loved this class. When I add classes to "my favorite" I would love the ability to add note to myself as to what I specifically liked about it, particular moves etc. Do we have that ability...really a question for the web support peeps.
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Susan ~ Thank you for your forum post. Here is an FAQ with information on how to add notes to classes you add to your favorites. I hope this helps!
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Meredith, Pilates' has sculpted your body beautifully.
Thank you all for your lovely feedback!
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Thank you Meredith! That was a wonderful class! I really appreciate all of the advance setup info, it was so helpful!
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