Reformer Workout
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2715

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Such great instruction- thank you Diane- love listening to your cues: so simple and precise
Great class thank you
Love this class thank you!
Excellent teacher and class. Thank you!
Unfortunately, I found this class to be painful to watch and it is one of the first I could not finish because there was WAY too much talking and too little moving.  If this was a different instructor it would have been a 40 minute class, but forty minutes in I feel like I have not really moved yet because there is so much time between exercises.  Quite disappointed. Now I am just going to have do my own workout to fill in where I feel like we haven't worked at all yet. 
Hi Casey, I'm sorry the class wasn't the workout you were looking for today. We do have many other classes at a faster pace. I recommend modifying your search by going to Videos > Browse > More > Pace. You would like a moderate or accelerated pace. I hope this helps!
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