Reformer Workout
Viktor Uygan
Class 2721

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Thank you Kelly, so happy you like it
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omg..i absolutely loved it..gave a whole new perspective..
i would love to see more from you..i enjoyed your instruction very much.
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Wow! Thank you for this class!
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More please!
Thank you Katherine :)
So happy to hear i was able to help you to have a different perspective, now it is your turn to take it and run with it :)
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Loved this workout! I haven't been on reformer in a while! Just woke up my gluteus for sure!!! Thank you. See you tomorrow!
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Love it!!! You look like a dancer too!!!!! Beautiful lines and nice choreography!!!!
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What a fun class, and what beautiful movers you both are!!! Btw, might you be a fellow Turk by chance? :)
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Great variations. lovely cueing, thankyou! more please
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