Innovative Tower Flow
Jenna Zaffino
Class 2776

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I like it! Congratulations Jenna
Thank you Karla!!
i just loved this. I watched it once then did through. I found your teaser cues really helpful, and I loved the beginning work at the edge. Thank you. I'm going to put this into my regular rotation.
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Floating cat....awesome for correcting pelvic twist
Thank you Jenna for this great Class, I enjoyed doing it :)
Omg! I can't wait until a little bit postpartum (i am due tomorrow) to dive into this class and use some of your ideas with my clients. Love love love!
Thank you everyone!! After filming this, I worried how the workout would be received as I aimed to step out of my comfort zone and get creative. Thank you for your warm reception. I'm enjoying reading all of your comments! Xoxo
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Thanks, Jenna, love the presentation of your ideas!
Loved your new ways !!

Can't wait to try .
Excellent ... Thanks..I loved
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