Move your Pelvis
Cara Reeser
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It's amazing how everything does make sense after your tutorials Cara. Another helpful informations! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
So glad it helped you Jolanta! Stayed tuned more content on it's way.
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Awesome tutorial, Cara! You have such a beautiful way of describing movement and mechanics. I love that rocking chair image. Thanks for this!
You are welcome Kate! Glad you like it. More to come.
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love it - movement science made simple:)!!
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hello Cara Thank you for the tutorial.I have a question.When we do the series of five ,the stomach series.Should I put my pelvic in 12 o´clock?
thank you
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Yes Patricia you got it! hugs.
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As the legs move away from the trunk you will have to do the action of 12:00 to avoid the pelvis being pulled to 6:00. This is the counter movement needed to manage the weight of the legs. Is that clear?
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Thank you, Cara, for another amazing tutorial. When my small Canadian team and I met you last November in your beautiful studio in Denver, you told me during our class - move your pelvic backwards - we were doing a Torso Roll Down on Wunda. I have been rolling pretty good since then! Best advice ever, thank you again!
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Hello again Andrea! Great! Tomorrow the tower class that goes with this will go live. It will give you more chances to roll that pelvis. So glad you liked it and thanks for checking in.
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