Mixed Equipment Workout
Dana Santi
Class 2891

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Wow! Your work is more beautiful then it has ever been. Thank you for showing, sharing and brilliant explanation of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Plus all the energy it took you to talk while moving, leaving your young children to go to Kristi's paradise to help others. I wish we could put this on a building in Times Square! Oh this can so apply to people not young with a history of movement their whole lives...a great way to start as is always said (you can start Pilates at any age)
but do we as Pilates teachers have that patience ? It takes patience to heal and patience to teach. Danna Santi I thank you for teaching me and letting me find and respect my own way of teaching. What a gift..........
Everything said in this comment is true and comes from my heart but a wee disclaimer, Dana is my best friend.
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Dana- please share the brand/model of your mat with the strap. I really enjoyed the simplicity of this workout.  As we all know quality wins!!  Thanks for sharing.  
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