Standing Workout
Ken Gilbert
Class 2902

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Jennifer . . . thank you for your comment! I appreciate hearing how the work affects people. Yes, balance and fall prevention are essential for everybody. And, the brain / body connections that occur to keep the proprioception active and alive . . . all of this intended for "anti-aging" in body and mind.
Great wee class, effective and well taught but I was slightly discombobulated by the steam punk breathing!
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Thank you for your comments. The "Percussive Breathing" is the discipline taught by Ron Fletcher to stimulate the breathing apparatus of the body, focus the breath (inhale & exhale) into each movement and the keep the rhythm of the pattern. When I teach and move I can let go of giving verbal cues and let the breath deepen the connection to the movement.
Just like your other classes I feel like i am exercising and going to the doctor. You are giving me a great workout and healing me at the same time.  I usually like a longer class, so I think i will try another of your shorter classes next. Thanks Ken:)  
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Gary . . . I truly appreciate your support of your own work and of my teaching. You have found the way with shorter classes . . . take one and then another.

Third time. While I feel better after any Pilates Class, there are some classes that make me feel  VERY this one.  The only down side is that I'm  starting to feel like my day is not complete without some Towelwork:)  Thanks Ken! 
I really wish P.A. would get Ken to do more classes like this.   Thanks Ken:) 
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Gary . . . thank you for your support and commenting on your participation in classes. This is why I began teaching . . . to find my way a stronger, healthier and more expressive body; and; to teach and communicate the importance of the Pilates work.
I get a little more out of this class every time i take it. Thanks Ken:) 
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Gary . . . I love your commitment and your support!
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