High-Energy Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 292

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Thanks for taking class ladies! Glad you enjoyed it.
Meredith, awesome class. Thank you to PA for the inspiration and creativity you all bring to your classes. You guys have changed not only the way I practice the method but you have also impacted the way I teach it. I always look forward to my time spend on PA. One day I will have to come and take a class in person!
Please do Annie!! We would LOVE that :) and thank you!
Great class! When the video was about half way through I was thinking "I hope this gets more challenging" and IT DID! I loved the first half and was ready for more when the last half began... Thanks for a great workout!
Having a grand ole time revisiting my favorite classes with you. Now that I've had the benefit (and the pleasure!) of meeting you and taking a class in person I can REALLY hear your counsel on each exercise. The "saw" will never be the same. (and of course that's good as my hand is not better positioned). Enjoying working on the teaser using my door too. Thanks so much Meredith for being part of my life.
Joni...I soooooo enjoyed meeting you as well. Keep up the great work. Until we meet again... :)
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...I had to chuckle, cuz just as we were doing the Neck Pull I was thinking how much I love the Neck Pull and then you all were talking about how you love the Neck Pull :)) Really great, challenging sesh! Thank you!!
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Haven't done this old favorite for a couple of months......I think I am finally understanding why none of the classes ever truly ever get "easy".... real progress seems to be mean always "finding more" in each exercise.
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That "be mean" instead of just "mean" must have been a freudian slip! lol
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Cant believe I never saw this one! I loved the flow and the challenge!
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