Mat Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 2963

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Thank you, Kristie for this gift you shared with us. I really feel better. I loved especially the Spine Stretch and the Saw.
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Aaawwwww, miss you! Thank you! Love the class!!
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That felt so good! You seem like you're really coming back from your injury! You do such a great job of teaching you should never be nervous. However, I understand those nerves. And, I'm wearing the exact same colors today as you are in the video. Fun.
loved it too. very personal. thanks so much.
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I really felt that workout deeply. I enjoyed the personal explanations of how your body was feeling as you went through your routine as it gave me better connection to my own workout. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you Kristi
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Loved the honesty and doing what felt right for your body. I didn't want to workout tonight but feel so much better having done the class.
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Thank you Kristi for acknowledging that the body's wisdom doesn't always stay within the lines and it's important to listen to it.
Kristi you are a wonderful teacher of this amazing movement we all love so much ! So glad you are doing well and back teaching:)
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You listening your body reminded me to listen to mine. I also got lot's of new ques to feel my lines in motion. You were very honest to yourself and it is very inspiring. Thank You .
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