Mat Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 2963

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Great Class, I think some times as teachers we forget about listening and working out for ourselves.!!
Thanks Kristi
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Kristi, thank you very much. I, too, needed to feel better in my body today, & it was a joy to share in this class with you. Mission accomplished & welcome back! X0
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Great class!!
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Thanks, just what I needed.
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Thank you Kristi. I feel so much better now.
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love your teaching style :) great flowing class. Nice to have you back :) - Bruna
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A lesson for ninja girls like you,dear Kristi,txs a lot xxx
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As usual, I love your unique humble and honest style, this video illustrates perfectly true mind and body connection, thank you!
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Thank you so much Kristi! I loved the fresh approach to the saw. I feel SO much better too!
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It's actually quite awesome to get some exposure to the "inner voice" of a great Pilates practitioner. Helps to know you sometimes have the same issues as the rest of us Also great to see you out teaching in front of the camera, Kristi.
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