Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2973

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I really love this Class Sara... your cueing is just great!!... Please do more Reformer and Tower Classes whenever the situation allows you to come back to the Studio!!.....
Thank you Clemencia Puerta!  Equipment classes are still on a hold for a while, but I will be teaching  a live mat series for 8 weeks beginning Monday.  hope you are able to join. 
Great Sarah... thank you so much.... I will be awaiting for your new Mat Classes!
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Great quick feel good kinda class. I also enjoyed the climb a tree variation. Thank you, Sarah! 
wonderful to hear Lacey M !

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The cuing on this class in particular was outstanding! I would have been able to do this on audio only. Lovely class.
Thank you Kim F!   
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Not sure how I had missed this class, but I did it today for the first time today and loved it! Great variations and I just love your cues. Thank you!!
Thank you Wendy M !  I am happy you found this class.  There is so many hidden gems on Pilates Anytime.  Keep digging! Take care:)
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