Postnatal Mat Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2990

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Love your work Courtney :) thank you your continued inspiration :) xx
so adorable!!!!congratulations you look fantastic :)
This is such a brilltant class. I am 5 month post partum , new to pilates anytime. Do you have more classes like this Courtney? Your such an awesome Mama and Pilates teacher. I love the tip on mountain MAma walking and assisting baby walking. Good skills Gal. thank you.x
Climbing the mommy! Oh my! I found this video to be so very helpful, informative, uplifting, and just plain adorable! Thanks!!
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Una clase hermosa como tu hijo y tú. ¡Me encantó "subir la montaña". Una clase divertida y llena de amor. Gracias Courtney!
Wonderful class. As a Pilates instructor I naturally gravitated toward many of the same movement patterns, but you bring everything into a clear, fun, succinct workout routine. Thank you so much!
Great workout and my baby girl loved it too 💕
Fantastic Courtney! Love the way you section according to baby's mood!!!!
I absolutely love it ! Will give it a try with my baby 😍
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