Day 4: Energize
Kristi Cooper
Class 3013

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Great start to the day. Loved the class! Loving the challenge :) Thank you Kristi
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Day 4: check! Haven't done a standing class in awhile, so it WAS energizing! Thank you, Kristi.; -)
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Thankyou :)
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Side stretches were exactly what I needed today! Thank you!
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My favorite so far and your cueing always seemed to catch me doing what you were correcting. I especially liked your cue for the side leg lifts, just a subtle shift made them a lot easier for me. I also did an Elizabeth Larkham foot class today and noticed how much more balance I had doing this class Thanks!
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Cannot believe this was 30 minutes, it felt so nice and ended so fast!
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I loved when you said "I'm not worried about it… At all"! Because sometimes we just have to honor what our body will and will not do.
I'm a couple days behind, and sitill committed. The theraband warmed my shoulders up beautifully and I discovered some uncomfotabity I havent felt in a while. I always feel better with renewed energy after the workout.
Thank you
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Another great class!
So glad you're all still with me. Looking forward to the next few classes with you!
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