Strength and Stability
Amy Havens
Class 3030

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fun again - see you tomorrow:)
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Another cool class. Thanks, Amy. I love the anticipation about tomorrow's challenge!
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These workouts fit perfectly into the start o my day! Thank you for being time-aware, and getting us moving quickly. Loving it!
Thank you [Ed.] Vanessa and Kim ! Yes, all these classes are 30 minutes or under -- tried to keep them 'short, sweet and to the point". So happy you're all with me here, it's a fun one for sure! See you in the next class!
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Amy, this was a great class. Feeling strong and sweaty now. Love it!
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Another great class, love the variations!
Thank you Dorit and Sharon ! Class #3 done and done for you....see you in class #4!
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Another fun class, except my theraband isn't long enough. I struggled with Rolling Like A Ball to standing; I don't think I'll ever be able to do it! But I loved thinking about smaller movements for strength, & I feel FANTASTIC after finishing
Loving these challenge classes Amy Havens , thank you. Much easier to fit in shorter classes and really enjoying the variety - looking forward to the rest of them!
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Forgot to mention, Amy, that I really liked Open Leg Rocker without the arms. It felt like a GREAT strength challenge! I also really liked the weighted arm work at the end of the class. It felt good to "wrap up" the 30 minutes that way
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