Mat Workout
Rebecca Urban
Class 3032

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Enjoyed the gentleness of this effective class. The ending of class instructed to place hand on heart and belly and thank your "inner teacher". Its nice to be reminded of how strong and proud we should be of any level. Thank you.
OK, I'm on board the bex fan club. What a teacher. Thank you so much.
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I enjoyed your positive affirmations throughout the workout. It adds a spiritual touch.
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a very centering practice. thank you.
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Thanks for reminding me to be grateful and satisfied with what my body is able to do in any given moment :) I LOVED this class, your personality and teaching style. Many thanks to PA :)
My first time on Pilates Anytime and it won't be my last. Fantastic teacher and class!
Stunning.. Loved your class. Thank you
Thank you, good flow, lovely progression.
Loved the pedalling, Greta workout and awesome cues, thanks!!
Lovely class! Thank you very much.
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