Day 8: Control
Kristi Cooper
Class 3036

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Thanks, yet another great class . . . loved it!
Were the challenge videos taken down? I just got started and did up to 7 but now I'm not able to play them (says there's no playable source?)
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Kandie ~ I'm sorry you were having trouble accessing these videos. I looked at your account and it looks like all of these videos are unlocked for you. If you are getting an error when you are trying to play the video, you may need to try a different browser. We find that Chrome and Firefox work very well. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
Thanks Kristi love these creative variations with the ball
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I found it and came back! Thanks, Gia Calhoun
Loving these workouts. Thank you Kristi!
I had a ball! :)
That was good, thanks!

Thank you Lisette-Anne !
I love the connection I found with the ball! Thank you! 
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