Mat for Shoulder Mobility
Amy Havens
Class 3070

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thanks Amy!! Just what I needed too!!
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Nice, Amy. Shoulders are my problem area, I may have shared that with you. This hits the spot. And Good job keeping it together while using the infamous blue balls. ;)
Wow, thank you everyone!! So wonderful to hear that many of us are benefiting from this segment!! The weights are extremely helpful, don't you all think? !!
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Love using the foam roller!
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Great tutorial! Shoulders are such a common problem-area for people and I find it difficult to decide what to focus on because it is usually a lack of mobility, shortening and tension of fascia, and not enough strength - all at the same time! So here we can work on all of that and I will add some armwork with the weights, having people lying on the roller lengthwise. For the release-work I recommend the Yoga-tune-up balls from Jill Miller. They come in a little net and have the perfect elasticity for that.
Thank you Amy, I love how inspire us!
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Oh my, I need to do that every day! My thoracic is feeling very "Bendy" right now and I love that! Thank you
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And to add to my first comment, I feel like I'm breathing better! Aaahhhh!
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Amazingly open and light afterwards, big TY!
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Omg been meaning to do try this out and so glad I did tonight shoulders feel amazing such a big improvement thanks Amy Havens plus looking forward to your workshop on Saturday
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I am so happy that you all are feeling and seeing the benefit of this segment! Thank you for all the feedback! Connie , the fact that you feel like you can breathe better, yes!!! Silke -- thank you! Yes, I was trying to blend release work and strength work here! Darren -- keep this one up! I'm certain you'll see and feel significant changes in your spine and shoulder relationships! :) So fun working with you yesterday!
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