Mat for Neck Awareness
Cara Reeser
Class 3102

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As someone whose neck always lurches forward, I really appreciate the distinctions you've made
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I am so grateful that you put this work on PA. This is MY practice, given to me by you, that helps me SO greatly. This work will change everything! I guarantee it! Xo
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Cara this is amazing! I have been on this page about the cervical spine and too much over straightening, destroying our natural and needed neck curve! And here you are teaching this fantastic mat focusing on it. Yay and thank you for your teaching and exploring forever! Lelie
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This is exactly what I was looking for my own neck awareness and for my clients asking for exercises for the neck. Thank you so much :)
thank you ,,, thank you ! Great reminder for cervical awareness, Loved this!
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Super class for neck mobility, awareness, and stability
Oh my goodness I needed this today and surely many more times. Thank you Cara!
thanks Kristi Cooper I am sending you all good vibes! love
Absolutely love this class!!! Thank you!!!
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Really like this class. Having some neck issues myself it was of great importance.
I think that Cara Reeser and Karen Sanzo could be related. Sound so alike, even the sense of humor;)
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