Mat for Hips and Low Back
Trent McEntire
Class 3121

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I'm sure you don't remember me as I was just a freshman at Western Michigan University, excited to find you teaching these great classes as I just joined the website. I look forwarded to "taking more classes with you!" -Kim Johnson
Great question Rachel - I certainly modify for the person in front of me. you can always have your client bend their bottom leg to provide more pelvic and lumbar stability and support. I would be sure the reach of the leg does not create a lateral movement or compensation in the pelvis.
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Loved what this did for my back and hips. Felt great!! Will repeat for sure 🎈❀️
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Thank you for this!! I had taken a break from PA- because i needed more workouts like this! Just came back to this- so grateful.
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Love this class and your cues!!
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just watched this for the second time... great stuff! thank you. love your gentle, clear cueing and programming.
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Really liked Trent's class, he is always very precise and very clear with his instructions.
Excellent Work. I will be teaching a Mat Class to High School Baseball players who are looking at shoulder and hip mobility. Any thoughts about tapping into the brains of young athletes?
This was awesome! You rock!! Thank you!πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
I love this class and go back to all of your classes over and over for a little tune up! Can't wait for more classes~
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