Priming Mat Movements
James Crader
Class 3123

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Deep work, very connecting. And I haven’t even finished the class yet. 😊 🙏 
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Jennifer J Thank you, Jennifer! I appreciate that. Hope you're joining me on Fridays for PilatesAnytime Live
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Loved the part lifting the nose, ribs, and pelvis off the floor. Really helped to find those connections, especially later when you repeated the cue in the standing work - freaking brilliant! Thank you, James; see you Friday for the class 2 in the live series!
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Jordan R Glad you liked it ... it's an awful & amazing movement experience all at the same time. Ha!
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Wow! I learned so many things about how I move and the had the fun of exploring “What if I....” Thanks for leading me through a moving experience.
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Wow thanks James! that was super fun!!
Leah L Thank you so much!
Jennifer P Thanks, Jen!

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