Bunions and Hammer Toes
Sherri Betz
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Thank You for this important tutorial Sherry. What shoul we do if the client has stiff toe? Should we try to move it?
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Such an awesome tutorial, thank you Sherri! After just having done a 3 hour foot workshop recently, this brought everything together for me
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Wonderful. Thank you for all the extra anatomy information which really helps build the picture and the full extent of sharing your wealth of expertise. ❤️
Thank you, very well explained
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Thank you, Sherri Betz for this awesome information! I think i'll watch this many times and make it part of my routine and also incorporate some into my classes after digesting it myself a bit more. Very valuable for a person like me, who always struggeled with balance a bit, has slight bunions on both sides (even though not painful) and tends to cramp her toes! Also makes the connections in the body pretty perceptible. Very helpful!
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really insightful, thank you Sherri Betz Would love a follow up to deal with supination/pronation of feet. I'm going to be wearing my toe socks and picking up some toe separators at the first opportunity.
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Beautifully explained
Thank you Sherri, adding this information to my classes and for my private clients. Presenting it clear and creative.
Excellent Sherri. Is it possible to have transcripts ?
Christine Lamb ~ We're glad you enjoyed this video! We don't have transcripts available for it yet, but if we do add transcripts, we will add this video to the list.
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