BASI Flow™ Spine Corrector
Rael Isacowitz
Class 3137

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Thanks Rael Isacowitz for this amazing class, managed to take it yesterday and forgot to leave a comment. I tried it without the spring but next time will add the spring in, I purchased the Avalon a few years ago but love the new F2 version 😊😊
Ah how I wish I lived closer! Thank you for YOU
Very good. My back feels great
As always the way the exercises are built up and the ease of application of the block system never ceases to amaze me. It is my dream to do a class with Real in real life but in the interim I am so glad pilates anytime brings everyone his wealth of knowledge.
Shona dreams do come true, I sincerely hope yours does. It will be my pleasure to teach you.
Rael, I did this with an arc barrel as I don't have a spine corrector. Is that ok or am I missing some of the integrity of the work as the barrel does not have the full shape of the spine corrector? I also tried with a flex band going under the barrel and out to the sides to simulate the springs. Im trying to make do with the equipment at hand but don't want to compromise the work. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you
Tova all your ideas are excellent. I am certain you will not compromise the work. Enjoy the process!
😊 thank you so much ,love this ,quel étirement génial 👍 I love your way to teach ,you inspire me ,and I apply your way in my classes ,your rythme is so exact . !
I just love this! Thank you!!😊🙏
Jennifer, thank you so much for taking this session. I am pleased you enjoyed it. I love the Spine Corrector!
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