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Lesley Logan
Class 3157

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Wanvisa I am so glad you enjoyed the workout and the combos! Thank you for your kind words and for taking another one of my classes. See you next time! xx~LL
Patti I love your pun!! Ha, so cute. And, I'm glad you paused to work on things. I think that is one of the most fun things about using PA. If after you take my other class if you have questions on springs or anything please let me know. When you know the flow a bit more it's a fun speed to work at. Thank you for taking another one of my classes and for your comment. See you soon! xx~LL
Dorit I am happy to give you a spring list cheat sheet for this workout if you are interested. Just let me know what piece of equipment you are working on :) xx~LL
now this is Pilates! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and perfect explanation. Cheers!
Rosita Menda Zakuto Thank you so much for taking my class and your comment! Cheers to you too xx
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Beautiful class!!! I'm a sucker for the classical work! I actually loved the pace! Thanx for getting a sweat out of me ☺️ I was obsessing about your leggings! What brand are they?
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Ohh! And the idea of working with the Thera band or magic circle on the short box!!! Genius!!! I always hold my clients thighs cueing them to push out, but this is awesome for a group class! Thank you 😊
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I really love this class.
Nice legging :))
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Beautiful flow Lesley Logan ! Can't wait to kick my own butt with this! xo
Erika Quest Ohh! I can't wait to hear how the butt kicking goes xx~LL
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