Reformer Connections
Lesley Logan
Class 3157

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Wow! Great class Leslie! I admit, I had to hit pause a few times to catch my breath. Very challenging and fun. I will come back to this again, there are a few moves I need to practice. Thanks!
Inga sometimes I hit pause on my own workouts too! Every day is a new day and I love that you will be back for more! I use the reformer and mat orders as a barometer of where my body and endurance is that day. So, somedays I have no pauses other days a few extra. It's a practice! And, I so love that we get to enjoy Pilates that way. xx~LL
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Great class, Lesley! Loved the handful of variations, and theme!
Angeline B. Thank you for taking my class! I am so happy you enjoyed the variations and theme:) xx~LL
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I really loved this challenging class. The pace was perfect for me. I will definitely revisit. Thank you!!
Daniela Thank you for taking my class! I'm so happy you'll be back:) xx~LL
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❤️ Classical ! Always challenging ! Loved wide upper back connection! Great cues!
Maryann thank you so much for taking my class! And, I love that wide back too. It's something I know my bodies needs. Really glad you enjoyed it! xx~LL
Thank You for a great class. so informative and made a lasting impact on the understanding of the exercises
Great unique class. The definition of deliberate pace on the PA web page is slow, so I think this class and several others called deliberate is inaccurate. It should be mod-acc. Historically deliberate has been slow, but several new videos lately have been labeled deliberate even when their title is something like “quick energetic flow” ?? This has been confusing, unfortunately. Perhaps you can alert someone?
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