Active Aging Strategies
Erika Quest
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Perfect thank you Erika. Have a great Friday!!x
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Thanks Erika! Love the info and you!!
Thank you Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull and Arwen ! Really appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment on this tutorial! Such an important group of people we work with! Much love, Erika
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I’m a active aging snowflake 😀 dealing with delicious discomfort. Thanks Erica lots of great info to use with all my client snowflakes x
HA, yes Frances you are a snowflake indeed! Glad you enjoyed and will use for sure. Hope to bring you some more content this summer! Much love, Erika
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I love this workshop...very useful information....thank you
Thank you Cigdem for the comment and feedback. I'm so happy this was useful and I agree with its value for sure. Simple, but effective! Much love, Erika
Thank you Erika. Quick and informative :)
Ana Margarida Cordeiro Ferrao Great, Ana! Glad I could help and thanks for watching. Much love, Erika
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Great to watch again to lots of info clearly put, thanks.
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