Core Level Reformer
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3185

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Irene sorry you felt that way and did not continue. As footwork is a Basic/ Foundational exercise I should not have to cue it as the Student would not be working at a Core even if I needed to work on their footwork... Thanks for at least watching!
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Felt so good on my body. Love the quick flow. Got a good sweat going. Felt hard even though we didn't do the super advanced exercises. Great cueing Kathryn Ross-Nash . I also have to comment on all of your pants. All 3 of you had such cute pants.
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LOVED this class!!! My back was feeling cranky before this class and now I feel like floating on air. Bisous!!
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Great cueing. Always learn from you.
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great class, teaser still frustrates me :( I will keep practicing.
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Jodie work the thread of it! what part of the teaser is difficult ? maybe go to the foundational mat series for a while and then come back to it
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Kathryn Ross-Nash I will check out the foundational mat series thank you for reminding about that. The lifting is tough part for me on the reformer. I need to practice more. Again great class .
Jodie Try some of the Baby Chair exercises where you move the chair back forward with your back lengthened along the Chair back!
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Kathryn Ross-Nash thank you.
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