Advanced Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3202

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Great!!!! More more more please !!!
I Love your Workouts!!!
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Wow! Great challenges here. You're amazing! Thank-you!
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Jubilation! Dance! AAAaawwww……. I can´t wait to see and try your workout ! Yes , please more!
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Teriffic workout. Made me sweat. Tough but executed graceful , well done!
Thanks ladies! I'll try to make more advanced classes soon. Until then, remember that there are quite a few already on site for you to enjoy. I appreciate your feedback and support so much!
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Thanks, Meredith! It´s dance, it´s a perfect work, very nice. Congratulation. With love from Slovakia.
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wow!! My chest is still pumping with this one, but also feel so calm and relaxed! LOOOOVE this!
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That was what I needed during this rainy Sunday. Felt so frustraded before your class and so light and energetic afterwards. Thanks!
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XOXO, love it! More please…
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I enjoyed a lot! Thanks Meredith! Great workout, and you are right, cardio in pilates is possible :)
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