Ball Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 321

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OMG that was intense but I loved it!
Great workout!  Love using the ball to add just that little extra oomph! 
Loved this class!!! Her happy personality is contagious through my TV! Thank you! 
This is a gem!  Loved everything about this class. Great way to start my day!❤️
Lovely, to see the four of you in one class! I liked the exercise with the ball squeezed under the knee to open and close the hips while lying on the side; that was new to me and will find its way into one of my next classes for sure. Thanks, Ladies.
Loved this workout!! Any tips on getting more range In my splits currently feel like I have no movement in the leg that should be going back over my chest it pretty much stays pointing towards to ceiling ...
Love this class so much! One of my favourites! I love to know what music this is. thank you so much!
thank you so much for this class x I would like to ask why my left hip is constantly clicking while doing the helicopter movement? is so uncomfortable. I would appreciate some insight. thank you x
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