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Myriam Kane
Class 3289

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Another super class! thank you so much, Myriam, you are so inspiring, the moves you teach seem simple but so effective and you are so positive and encouraging - I am feeling good about reclaiming some range of motion!
Helen that was a lovely msg to absolutely should feel good about reclaiming ROM...because you will and are in process!!! Quality movement is healing movement...have a Blessed 2018!!!
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what a wonderful surprise to see you under the hot list of Pilates anytime videos! You are perhaps the best Pilates teacher I ever had so what a blessing that you are sharing your knowledge and passion with the online world!
All best and Happy New Year,
Hyattsville, MD
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Good stuff! Thank you
You are welcome, Sue , glad you enjoyed it!!!
Belinda !!!!! Wow...great hearing from you...thank you for the kind words and blessings to you this New Year!!!!
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Very nice! Now I will go for a walk and see if I feel more balanced. Thank you!
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Super session - thank you Myriam. Love the focus and relevance to running, alongside your explanations as to why the moves are so relevant.
Thanks for the feedback, Sophie !! Sometimes just knowing why can be a great motivator!!!
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Really nice workout! I'm struggling with some plantar fasciitis and the toe sits will probably offer relief if I can suffer through them! :)
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