Reset your Body
Myriam Kane
Class 3289

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I'm not big walker or runner, though I need to start walking to keep my cardio in check, lol. BUT, this class felt SO good on my booty and hips and legs! I needed the stretch and the work. Thank you!
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I am a long time distance runner and have had my share of overuse injuries. This class was a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you so much, Myriam.
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Amazing class! My left hip felt so different after we took bands off -- smooth and easy movement, no clicking . I love all the hip mobilisation moves and all the extra information you give along with your cueing. connecting to our body and noticing the difference helps to form new better habits. Thank you!
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That's wonderful to hear, Oksana !!!!
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Wonderful work, the change in movement pattern is always challenging for clients but a fantastic addition to all classes. Keeps mind and body focused. Thanks Myriam
Glad to hear you found this of value, Sharon...agreed in keeping the body/mind connection active!
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I love this work! I have had a separted SJ 30 years ago from a car accident and this work is so healing. It balances my body! So grateful for your teaching! Thank you!
I loved it! Thank you!
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