Functional Mat Practice
Tom McCook
Class 3312

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Loved it full of lovely cues! Thanks again Tom!!!
Monica in the uk 🇬🇧!!
Wow, just wow! That felt amazing. I have knee replacement on my left medial knee and spinal fusion L3-L5. The isolation and awareness for each segment of my body was intense in a good way. Still working on increasing strength and balance in my legs and back since my surgeries(3 and 4 years ago). This will help me immensely. Thank you. ❤️🎈
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By the end of this practice I was completely centered over my feet!! Yay!
Question regarding about minute 13.5 when you say: [Paraphrasing] when lunging allow the hip to open slightly toward the back leg to allow the glutes to fire correctly in that position (therby avoiding 'squaring' the hips). Brilliant. Should I follow this cue whenever I am performing the lunge position in other exercise forms as well? Thank you kindly for considering my question.
Thank you for this fantastic instruction.
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Hi Ida & Andrea,
Thank you for your feedback!
Andrea the answer to your great question is yes! This is what's design to happen as we walk, the pelvis rotes towards the back leg and the spine towards the front leg. Enjoy and thank you Pilates Amytimes!
Really love this very functional approach ,as rehab therapist this was great to watch !
Anatomy in Motion in action! Loved this class based on Gary Ward's teachings and so good to see it getting integrated into Pilates movements! Good work!
Loved this class. Had to concentrate on some of the moves to fully get what Tom was explaining. Lovely flow and my body feels great! Thanks Tom
Thank you , i liked it
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Pilates Anytime, we need a LOVE button! Thank you so much Tom McCook . I've just bought what the foot by Gary Ward after watching some of your videos and am now watching and re-watching them as I read it. I'm astonished how such small modifications or cues can be so game-changing. Thanks again.
Thank you, this was so helpful for a client I have been trying to help with gait/walking issues which lead to many other problems for her. This was great to feel in my own body too.
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